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Asian Mean Girls: BALL BUSTED FOR TWO TIMING Starring Goddess Mena  Reported – ball squeezing

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Goddess Mena has discovered that her slave fluffy has been serving another Goddess behind her back! WTF? Is Mena not Goddess enough for this pathetic fool? Mena confronts him and give him an ultimatum: take a session hellacious ball abuse for his disloyalty, or take a walk and never come back. Obviously, he decides to accept is punishment.

And so Goddess (the one and only) proceeds to destroy his testicles with severe ball kicking, stomping, squeezing, twisting, slapping and more. If there is a possible way to abuse his worthless cock and balls, Mena makes damn sure she has it covered. When Mena is through with him, he wont even think about looking at another woman again.

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