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cfnmtv: The Airport (Part 1-2)
cfnmtv: The Airport (Part 1-2)

Men passing through First Class airport security should be warned – Violet, Donna and Patty take no prisoners! If they feel someone is trying to take something on board that they shouldn’t, they’ll perform a full and thorough strip search – right there in the middle of the busy airport!

PART 1: The women working on airport security have absolute power over the passengers passing through. With the full weight of the law behind them, and backed up by an armed guard, they can do whatever they please. So if a male traveller should catch their eye, they are well within their rights to take advantage and examine him in the most intimate way possible.

PART 2: Young financial analyst Duncan has already experienced the wrath of the security officers. Stripped down to his underpants and groped, the shy lad is terrified. But he gets a momentary reprieve when Councillor Jacob Abeokuta demands that they “hurry up.” Like a red rag to a bull, his words are about to get him into a whole lot of trouble.


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