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Club Stiletto Goddess Samantha: Samantha’s Dirty Boots and Sweaty Feet (Release date: Feb. 28, 2021) – SWEATY FEET
Club Stiletto Goddess Samantha: Samantha’s Dirty Boots and Sweaty Feet (Release date: Feb. 28, 2021) – SWEATY FEET

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Goddess Samantha is in her dungeon with a desperate dawg of a slave at the end of her leash. She says “This creature is only good for one thing, licking my dirty boots.” He ends up massaging and licking her feet as this scene unfolds but you get the point. Servitude, that’s his purpose and it never varies far from that. Serving morning until night and then locked away in a cold, dark, cage.

After some barking, Samantha gives him very specific directions as to how and where to lick. A real pet might be allowed on the couch but not this dawg, “you belong on the floor” she reminds him. The slave licks up and down the entire boot and Samantha says when people ask her how her boots got so shiny she will tell them. After getting a nice shine on the boots he is ordered to deal with the dirtiest part of the job, the sole and the heels. The slave licks like he is savoring a fine wine and rightfully so, what an honor to serve a beautiful powerful Goddess like Samantha.

Samantha then has her well trained pet remove her boots (his front paws are quiet efficient) and once off he has to hold the opening of the boot to his face and sniff deep and long. The slaves head spins with delight. That smell will be with him all day. Her feet are very sweaty too, naturally, so now she makes him lick her feet and toes before having him massage her legs and feet. “Such a humiliating thing for a man to have to do, literally on the ground licking and kissing my dirty feet” she says. “Say thank you Mistress” she tells him and then as he replies she presses her foot hard into his face so his words are only mumbled, no easier to understand than a dawgs bark, but also perfectly understood. Obedient and eager to please, as it should be.

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