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American Mean Girls Princess Carmela: Door Dick Cuckold – MAKE ME BI
American Mean Girls Princess Carmela: Door Dick Cuckold – MAKE ME BI

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You are going to sit here by the front door all night while we go shopping with YOUR money. I know we usually have you cleaning toilets while we are gone but today I have something special for you. It’s a Yup, you are going to have to keep your cuck-lips on this dildo until we get back. My Boyfriend is going to keep an eye on you with the security cameras (they send a live feed to his smartphone!) to make sure you are on it the whole time. I think he actually wants to see you cheat because he thinks its funny to beat on you, haha!

And guess what else we have tied to Our smartphones now? Your shock collar! LOL! So we can pass the phone back n forth and send you electric shocks while we are out shopping and maxing out your credit cards! But you better not take your lips off that cock! (Even if we shock you on “15” and just HOLD it there! LOL!) So We can SHOCK you with one phone and watch you on the security cameras with the other! ALL while we are out spending YOUR money!! And don’t you DARE try to take it off! If you do (without US officially “disengaging” it from OUR phones using our secret security pincode) it will send a LETHAL shock directly into your neck LOL! HAHA this is going to be GREAT!

Now, if you are a good wimp cuckold and get BALLS-DEEP on that cock by the time we get back I will reward you by beating you myself instead of having my BF do it, OK? You would prefer that, right??? After I just spent all your money… I come home and kick you in the balls over and over and stomp all over you in my stiletto heels? I know you will love it! (It will at least be better than getting punched in the face by my muscular boyfriend, right??)

And, I am going to know how much you love going balls deep on that Door Dick by the size of the pool of drool on the floor beneath it. I will even throw in a BONUS reward for you by stepping in your puddle of drool with my dirty high heels before I make you slurp it up and drink it up, OK? Well, bye-bye loser- we are off to get me some new dresses and a Tux for my man… with YOUR money!

-Princess Carmela

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