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Ceara Lynch: Mesmerize Age Regression – age regression,

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There’s something different I’ve always wanted to try. All you have to do is trust me, and surrender your mind to me. Take a few deep breaths and submit yourself to me. With the snap of my fingers I’ve put into a deep trance. My true intentions for hip-notizing you can be revealed. The truth is, I’ve always wanted a little BANNED WORD to play with and nurture. Obviously, I don’t want to get fucked and ruin my perfect body, so I thought I could turn you into my precious BANNED WORD boy. I convince you that you have regressed in age. You might look like a grown man, but your mind is barely a t0ddler. You need a big strong mommy now to take care of you now. I’ll keep you fed with plenty of breast milk, change your stinky BANNED WORD when you tinkle or poopsies, I’m even wearing a latex dress just in case you make any little messies. You don’t want to make mommy mad at her BANNED WORD. Otherwise, I’ll have to punish you for being a bad boy.

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