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Chloe Manson: Oops I Kicked You Again – tease and denial

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Can you do a video where you are looking at the camera pretending you are talking to a guy friend that you accidentally hit in the balls while sparring, seeing how he is doing? You have him pull down his pants to see his balls and laugh how lucky you are that you don’t have nuts. You comment on the appearance of them and how weird they look. Go into detail how it looks when you hit a guy in the balls, laughing about it. Act like how a guy does when he gets hit in the nuts (be light-hearted in making fun of a guy). Talk about how nuts are such an issue for men and how lucky you are to be a woman. Use variations of the word balls (like nuts, testicles, ballsac etc) throughout the video. Help the guy you are talking to by feeling his nuts to make sure everything seems okay (talk through what you are doing to the balls). Toward the end talk about your favorite ways to hit men in the nuts and why (kick/punch/squeeze/pull). Maybe even joke toward the end how you think your friend needs to go to the hospital that you hit him really well.


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