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Club Stiletto Mistress Bijou Steal: Get Hard and get Big or you’re going to Jail – PRISON PLAY
Club Stiletto Mistress Bijou Steal: Get Hard and get Big or you’re going to Jail – PRISON PLAY

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Corporal Bijou has you handcuffed and on your knees before her, how you got there who knows. She tells you that she has handcuffed you with your arms in front, not behind your back, for a reason. “Going where you are going, I’m going to give you the opportunity to prove you’re a man and stroke yourself off because who knows when the opportunity might come along again” she says. She tells you that you can demonstrate to the nasty stern cop, who has taken your privileges away, what you’ve got. “I know it’s embarrassing, but if you don’t start masturbating now in front of me I’m going to handcuff you with your hands behind your back and you’ll never masturbate again” she tells you.

Bijou then tells you that not only must you masturbate but you must get really big and really hard or she’s going to lock your arms behind your back anyway. She asks if you need some encouragement and removes the belt from her outfit and waves it at you. “Or perhaps you just need to be embarrassed some more” she says as she stands up and unbuttons her uniform, now tormenting you with just her red panties and bra.

“If I’m suitably impressed with you who knows I might just give you some leeway” she tells you turning and waving her tight ass in your face. She then tells you that she’s not impressed so far, that you’re not big enough for her yet. “Is this the last time you ever get to masturbate?” she says putting even more pressure on you. She sits on the bench and spreads her legs and starts squeezing her tits to insure you get as big as possible. She then realizes that you’re rock hard but only have the length she needs and tells you that you’re only half way there. It’s so sad that she feels sorry for you and says she is going to let you cum but once you do you will be constantly cuffed behind your back or live in chastity forever because you’re cell is not in a federal penitentiary but in her dungeon. She then tells you to cum after a countdown of five and to imagine whatever turns you on more, you fucking her or her fucking you. If it’s the latter you might just enjoy your new life after all.

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