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Club Stiletto Mistress Bijou Steal: You are My slave and My Boyfriends slave (Release date: Feb. 20, 2021) – CUCKOLDING
Club Stiletto Mistress Bijou Steal: You are My slave and My Boyfriends slave (Release date: Feb. 20, 2021) – CUCKOLDING

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Your honeymoon is coming to an end but before you head home, your dominant wife Bijou suggests something a little different: a threesome. Whoa, you didn’t expect that … how exciting! Until she says the third will be another man. “I think I made a mistake waiting until our wedding night to fuck you,” she says, and adds, “I just need something bigger and someone more macho than you in the bedroom.” She says she loves you though and she doesn’t want you to be left out, so you’ll be able to watch. As you start to protest, she tells you she has checked your computer and seen the gay porn so no need to act all put out. She explains that since she’s the one with the money and you’re her servant, you’re going to do what she says. Should you not do as told, she’ll show everything to your family and friends as well as your parents and hers. “I think you’re going to enjoy this although it will be a little humiliating at first, sucking my lover’s cock and getting him ready to enter my pussy, but you’ll get over it,” she says to you. She shifts to a kneeling position on the bench, on all fours, so you can imagine how it will look when her man penetrates her from behind.

“While you were playing your video games the other day, I happened to get chatty with the hot bartender Greg, and we’ve already fucked,” She says. She tells you how much bigger Greg’s cock is and how he can really please a woman, and adds that she has his phone number so all she has to do is call him and he’ll be right over. She casually mentions how incompetent you’ve been in bed and fucking her from behind was impossible because you couldn’t stay hard, but she sees that you’re hard now. Bijou positively purrs as she talks about how she sees you as a very motivated cocksucker, wrapping your lips around her boyfriend’s thick cock, getting him rock-hard and ready to fuck her. “Then when he cums inside of me, you will have to lick all his cum out because I don’t want to get pregnant.” Bijou shifts to the floor and squats in front of you, and the sight of her silky thin panties between her spread legs gets you even more aroused.

“We’ll be spending a lot of weekends here. In fact, we’ll be back next weekend, but I’m really horny and I need to get fucked before we go.” She says that she’s already sore from fucking but wants “Fred, I mean Greg” to fuck her so hard she won’t be able to walk. OMG, she’s also been fucking other men right under your nose, it appears. She laughs. Now she breaks the news to you that you’ll only be tasting her pussy off another man’s cock from now on. “You’re my little bitch but you’re going to be his little bitch, too” she says. She tells you that you’ll be their little sex slave, performing the blowjobs and doing the cleanup. You might be jealous but once you get used to having cocks in your mouth you’re not likely to protest too much. “Greg can cum many times so there will be times where he will be coming in your mouth as well, just to help you get used to his taste,” she tells you, and adds that you will address him as ‘Sir’ because he’ll be your Master. Greg is now on his way, so Bijou tells you to go brush your teeth and wait in the corner until she calls you. You get to your feet and take the first few steps into your new life.

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