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Club Stiletto Mistress T: Dirty, Pungent, Perfect (Release date: Apr 09, 2021) – PANTYHOSE/STOCKINGS
Club Stiletto Mistress T: Dirty, Pungent, Perfect (Release date: Apr 09, 2021) – PANTYHOSE/STOCKINGS

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Mistress T is laying on her stomach and you see only her pantyhose covered legs and the stilettos on her feet. The camera pulls back until you get a full body view of her smiling and looking directly at you. “Look at you, looking at my shoes and imagining how moist they must be, the sweat, how they must smell, how they must taste, you ache for it, don’t you?” she asks. She then pushes one of the shoes off her foot and dangles it in front of you until letting it fall to the floor. She removes the other with her hand and brings it up to your face telling you to breath the leather and the sweat. How intoxicating. “You love it don’t you?” she asks you. “Go ahead and get a good look at my feet now” she tells you as the camera zooms in on them and she waves them about and wrinkles her soles.

Now she tells you to lay on the floor. She sits up and brings her feet down right to your face. She continues to spread her toes and wrinkle her soles and tells you to imagine your cock between her feet. She moves her finger back and forth between her feet and over the silky fabric, just like you would your cock. “I’m fucking your cock, milking every last drop of your cum from you” she says. She tells you to stroke your cock so she can watch. She watches you while you bend down and kiss her feet and play with yourself. She steps up and down and tells you she will step on your cock and grind it into the floor then let you cum on her feet. “When you cum you know what you have to do, right?” she asks you. Yes, you will have to lick and suck every last drop of your cum out of her pantyhose. “Will you be a good boy and do that for me?” she asks you, then laughing because she knows you will.

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