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Club Stiletto Mistress T: So you want to Worship My Feet (Release date: Mar. 02, 2021) – SHORT TOES
Club Stiletto Mistress T: So you want to Worship My Feet (Release date: Mar. 02, 2021) – SHORT TOES

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You and Mistress T are naked together in the forest. You’ve been begging to worship her feet and she tells you she’s going to grant your wish. “You’re so desperate to worship my perfect size four feet. Well now you can, when they’re completely filthy,” she tells you. When you make a face, T laughs at you and says how foolish for you to think her feet would be all nice and clean and fresh out of the tub. You’ll take what you get. She pulls her feet out of the creek they’ve been soaking in, and brings her foot right up to your face. She spreads her toes wide and tells you to degrade yourself by licking them clean. They’re clearly wet and dirty. “I want them spotless when you’re done, even though I’ll just get them dirty again,” she says.

Her feet look so sexy as she splashes them in the water but when she lifts them out this time, they’re completely black with clumps of mud sticking to them. “Over and over again I’ll get them dirty and you will lick them clean,” she tells you, and adds “You have to prove to me that you’re worthy of worshiping my feet.” She stands up and walks through the water before she kneels on a big rock. Her feet are covered in mud and gravel and even a soggy leaf. She curls her feet and spreads her toes. She asks if you’re distracted by her ass and pussy. She pulls off the leaf and brings it to your mouth to eat. She laughs. She tells you to take the mud off her feet and to stroke your dick with it. “Show me how desperate you are to cum while licking mud off my feet.” She gives you a countdown from ten. When she gets to two she tells you to get right to the edge even if you rub yourself raw. Finally, she completes the countdown and lets you cum with her dirty foot in your mouth. “Such a weak, stupid little man, aren’t you?” she asks.

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