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Club Stiletto Mistress T: Such a Good Toilet
Club Stiletto Mistress T: Such a Good Toilet

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You’ve been locked in Mistress T’s toilet where you spend most of your time now as you have been awarded the honor of being her permanent toilet. Congratulations! You’re lonely at times but nothing gets you as excited as the moment the lid is lifted and your Goddess is looking down at you. See has an actual use for you, what an accomplishment. “What a good toilet, aren’t you?” she asks when she first looks down at you. Your mouth already open as it must be when you see the lid rise. Now her luscious plump ass sits above you and you get the most beautiful view of her pussy, asshole and butt cheeks. Her feet hang down in front of you and she looks over the edge of the toilet to talk at you. “That’s exactly where you want to be, isn’t it?” she comments, no need for you to answer, you’ve already signed on as her toilet for life. “It’s exactly where you belong, below me, at my feet, beneath me, beneath my beautiful Goddess ass and pussy” she continues.

She tells you, you are nothing but a toilet now, “Schl1t eating, ass cleaning, fucking toilet” and then giggles and orders you to kiss her feet. What a lovely bonus, and she reminds you that you love everything about her, including the smell of her feet. “You love licking my armpits, sniffing my ass, whatever I want” she says and then tells you to get your head fully under the lid as your mouth has to be right below her. She seductively rubs her finger over her anus and talks about how bad you want it, she then slides a finger inside, in and out to loosen herself up. “I have such a full belly she tells you and says it will be such a relief to let it all out. “And you will consume it all just like I trained you to do” she adds. She now gets graphic as to how her asshole will stretch, what you will see, and how you must move your mouth to get it all. Be a good boy, after all, this is your only job now. “You have to consume it all, there is going to be a lot, you’re my perfect devoted toilet.”

Mistress T


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