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Club Stiletto Mistress Yuliya: Yuliya’s Jeans Foreplay (Release date: Mar. 13, 2021) – JEANS FACE SITTING
Club Stiletto Mistress Yuliya: Yuliya’s Jeans Foreplay (Release date: Mar. 13, 2021) – JEANS FACE SITTING

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This scene opens with sexy Mistress Yuliya sitting on her couch. “I think it’s time to introduce you to something new” she says. She knows how you, like all men, lover her ass, but now she wants you to feel it on your face with some denim in between. Being facesat in denim can be pretty harsh especially with that nasty seam running down the middle but if you suffer enough she might just drop her jeans and reward you for your efforts.

In guiding you Yuliya touches her breasts and ass and shows you her bare feet and armpits as she moves around her couch in a seductive manner until you will be more than willing to be tied down and subjected to her jean covered ass. She gets up in your face with her jeans and tells you to look at the lines they form around her cheeks. She runs her hand up and down the seam and tells you to imagine she lets you bring your hand there to feel the fabric and the lines of her round butt. “Stare at my ass, get obsessed with it, I want you to be my ass slave” she tells you. Yuliya talks about how she has a reputation of seducing men into slavery just by using her ass as a weapon. “Like them, you will not be able to live without it” she tells you, “The look of my ass, the feel of my ass, and the taste of my ass.” She now wants you to tell her that you are ready to feel her ass on your face but through the jeans. “I’m dying to make your face my seat cushion” she tells you. Yuliya now goes through a long sequence of sitting on your face, then lifting up to look down at you. She talks to you through out until you will do anything for her ass. Yuliya ultimately pulls down her jeans so she can bare bottom facesit you and she wants you to rub yourself. She finally gives you a countdown from 10 and eventually sits fully on your face and says she won’t get up until you cum.

“Associate your pleasure with the feel, the smell and the taste of my ass” she tells you as you cum at which point she decides she’s not going to get up at all, you’re now her seat cushion forever.

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