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Goddess Natalie: Therapy fantasy gone wrong – Therapist Fantasy
Goddess Natalie: Therapy fantasy gone wrong – Therapist Fantasy

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You have been dealing with a masturbation problem lately – you do it all too much, too often, and you’re starting to have an erectile dysfunction unless you constantly watch more extreme clips on the internet. That doesn’t sound fun at all, but luckily for you, there’s a very good female friend of yours who is also a therapist-fantasy. She’s been helping people with their problems for years and she recently specialized in sexual problems, so she could definitely help. You decide to get in touch and organize a Skype session to talk about your issue and find a solution. Little did you know, though, that she has other plans for you and is going to use this problem of yours to her advantage. Oh…and she is also part of the adult industry! ahaha

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