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Humiliation POV: Get High On Aroma And My Feet, Let Them Take Over Your Mind (Release date: Mar. 04, 2021) – FOOT SLAVE TRAINING
Humiliation POV: Get High On Aroma And My Feet, Let Them Take Over Your Mind (Release date: Mar. 04, 2021) – FOOT SLAVE TRAINING

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Lexi Luxe!

Aren’t my feet just yummy? They are so fucking sexy and ready to be worshiped, sniffed, and kissed. Any little foot boy would be honored to have my feet in his face. My feet are your dream. It would be such an honor to have these gorgeous supple toes in your mouth, wouldn’t it? You crave my feet. But I know something that would enhance that craving even more, something that never fails to make you weak in the knees for me. I see you staring at the bottle and then back at my feet, you’re not sure which you want to sniff first lol!

Well my lucky little foot pet, today you are going to get to do both at the same time. You’re going to sniff aroma from my toes. Now as I put the bottle in between my toes, I want you to inhale. That’s it get nice and fucked up on the fumes and the scent of my feet. Good boy. That’s it, let the fumes take over your mind as you grow weaker and weaker for my feet. Don’t you wish you were here sniffing it from my toes? I know you do, it’s your fucking dream come true. Sniff some more, get nice and stupid for me.

You love sniffing from my toes, don’t you slave? Yes, I know you do, you love the buzz you get from the aroma and from the soles of my feet. It gets you so high, what a lethal combination. Now worship my feet while your head is all hazy. Worship them, praise them, let them take over your mind. Good foot boy. Keep sniffing, first the bottle then my feet. This just makes your cock so fucking hard, doesn’t it? The more you sniff the more you love my feet. You’re such a good little foot boy, aren’t you? You’re feeling so weak and submissive for me.

Now pull your cock out and I want you to start jerking for them. Admire my perfect feet. Just imagine them wrapped around your cock, leaving my scent on your cock. You crave that, don’t you? You love everything about my feet. They are divine, especially when you’re all fucked up. Sniff again. Get stupid for my toes. Keep jerking loser. This is your fantasy, isn’t it? What would you give to have me feeding you aroma while you sniff my feet? Anything, you’d give anything. You’ve been begging me to worship my perfect feet. You’d be the luckiest little foot boy, wouldn’t you? Nod your head yes. Good boy.

Still feeling weak and stupid? Good take another hit. Now jerk that cock faster. I want you to cum all over my feet. But I don’t want cum on my toes. If I let you cum on my feet, you’re going to have to lick up every last drop of your cum from my pretty little toes. But you’ll do it without hesitation because you’re so fucked up and you want to be my good little foot boy.

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