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Humiliation POV Goddess Alexandra Snow: Mind Hacking Lonely Edging Jerk Drones – Evolution Through Isolation (Release date: Mar. 04, 2021)
Humiliation POV Goddess Alexandra Snow: Mind Hacking Lonely Edging Jerk Drones – Evolution Through Isolation (Release date: Mar. 04, 2021)

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Goddess Alexandra Snow!

My poor little pet, you’ve been feeling so isolated, haven’t you? But I have a solution for you, I think what you need is to be rewired, to feel content with this disconnect, to be happy being alone. That way you won’t feel like such a lonely little loser. So I’m going to rewire your brain, but first I must mesmerize you and get your brain receptors ready to receive their rewiring. So I want you to relax, and breathe, and slowly slip under as I take you down into trance with a nice long mesmerizing induction. It’s so easy to be so relaxed with me. Relaxing your body and your mind, falling so easily under my spell. And it’s even easier because I know you’ve been quite desperate to go down deep for me. You love how easily I mesmerize you. Deep, deep, s1eep. Go even deeper for me. All the way down. Good boy.

Now I want you to know that it’s ok to be alone. And I want you to focus on all the things you enjoy doing when you’re alone. You have so much more time to jerkoff behind all those closed doors. You don’t have to worry about your friends or family judging how much time you spend alone jerking off. And you don’t have to worry about how much time you’re spending doing it. All you have to do is work, and jerk. You don’t need friends, or a girlfriend or a wife, you don’t need anyone at all except this. All you need is this. A lonely little jerkoff pet becomes my happy little drone in an instant. (Snap.) Fall deeper and become a happy little masturbation addict.

You can’t deny that just looking at me right now is so enticing. Imagine you just spend all day every day jerking for me. You get to watch video after video, don’t you? You get to absorb the mind altering power of each video and the fantasy it fulfills for you, until that fantasy becomes your reality. You see you don’t need anyone else, all you need is this. All you need is me and porn. Porn is always a good friend. Porn always gets you off. Porn never asks for reciprocation. You can just sit there and goon and goon over and over again. And then you get to cum over and over and over again. Because you’re all alone. There is so much you can accomplish when you’re all alone and you don’t have to worry about going out.

I want you to be happy and productive. I want you to wake up and go to work and then when you’re done, your first impulse will be to stick your hand down your pants and then rub one out to another video, as you take the money you just made and give that money to beautiful women who deserve it. And it feels so good. You no longer feel pathetic, you no longer feel like a loser, now you feel a sense of purpose. And every time you cum, it gets better and better. You no longer crave outside contact. This is the window to your happy place. And as you work, you know that you are giving me a better life because I have given you this amazing life where you get to stroke just for me. You’re just a little drone for your queen. You just produce money and cum and we don’t need anything else from you. You don’t have to think, all you have to do is obey. All you have to do is your job, jerking, jerking, jerking.

Your hobbies have become finding new ways to jerk. Your world becomes finding new methods of pleasing the woman in your videos, especially me. I like you better like this, I don’t like to see you struggle. I want you to be happy, a fulfilled little creature. You deserve to be a happy jerking drone. And since you’ve given up friends, family and an outside life, and you’ve fully embraced how good this feels in that place of absolute surrender, that’s where the real fun begins. You begin to evolve into the ultimate drone, the ultimate jerking robot. Exactly the way I like you. I like boys to who know their place. And to make sure that you know your place, I’m going to show you my tits. My tits are better than having friends, than having family or hobbies, can you deny it? No you can’t. Because your hand is moving on it’s own, going up and down as you look at my gorgeous tits. You realize you were meant for this. You were meant to become my little porn addicted jerking drone.

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