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Humiliation POV Goddess Leena Fox: Deleting You Through Masturbation, You Worthless Chronic Masturbator – VERBAL HUMILIATION
Humiliation POV Goddess Leena Fox: Deleting You Through Masturbation, You Worthless Chronic Masturbator – VERBAL HUMILIATION

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This is a super hot verbal humiliation mindscramble from Goddess Leena Fox!

I want you jerking off constantly. Every fucking day. And I want you pumping your pathetic cock just like this. Pumping your cock over and over while you stare at me. I want you constantly jerking that cock. And it’s so easy when you have me in front of you, isn’t it? And why do you think it is that I want you to be jerking off constantly? Because you’re a pathetic fuck up, a social reject, a loser, a total waste of space and I don’t want you reproducing. I don’t want you even thinking about reproducing and spreading that loser seed anywhere but into the palm of your hand.

Jerk your dick loser. Losers like you shouldn’t be seen, shouldn’t be heard from, nobody needs to know that you even exist. It’s better for everyone that way. You’re so pathetic, nobody wants to even look at a loser like you, and I’m going to ensure that you spend as much time as humanly possible, jerking off.

I’m going to make sure that you are a chronic masturbator. I’m going to turn you into a jerking, gooning, idiot. A complete fucking addict. It’s not hard for me. I do it all the time to loser bitches like you. Just look at me. You’re going to be so mindless when I’m done with you. I want you so addicted to jerking that you don’t even think about reproducing. You won’t even have the basic human desire to carry on your lineage. Your b1øødline ends right here. Because your only purpose is buying clips and jerking your cock. C’mon jerk your pathetic cock. I’m so fucking sexy, it’s no wonder that losers get addicted all the time. And give up any hope for any type of sex life ever. Give up all hope. This is right where you belong, in front of your computer screen, pounding away at your fi$t.

You never wanna stop, you never wanna stop jerking for me. You want to jerkoff constantly. You want to make sure that every single drop of your cum goes to masturbating to hot brats. It would be a waste if it didn’t. Just look at me. Now look at yourself. The world doesn’t need any more losers like you. Nope. This is right where you belong lol. And I’m going to make sure that you stay here. My perfect body will keep you mesmerized, addicted and here forever. You can’t look away. You can’t stop. You wanna go completely fucking mindless. You want to lock yourself up in your room all fucking day just so you can jerk your pathetic reject cock to my body.

This is all you need to do. Just jerkoff and buy more clips. It’s so simple you can do them both at once. You know that you’re a pathetic loser. You know that no one wants to fuck you anyways. That’s why you’re here fucking your hand for me. Because you know that you don’t deserve pussy. You’re a fucking loser bitch. Pump your cock harder, this feels so good, doesn’t it? You don’t even wanna fucking stop. This is your sex life. Jerking off for hot brats is all you fucking have. This is all you need. This is all you want.

Pump it loser. Don’t ever stop. Pound away and stare at my tits and completely goon out. This is your life. You don’t have to think about a thing. I’m literally going to fucking delete you. Delete any trace of you from this planet. I’m going to delete your future. I’m going to delete you through masturbation. I’m going to ensure that you stay right here in front of the computer screen, chronically pumping your dick. Totally addicted. Totally mindless. A hopeless gooning bitch. This is what you deserve.

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