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Humiliation POV Lexi Luxe: Gooning Virgin Simps Pay To Jerk – VIRGIN HUMILIATION
Humiliation POV Lexi Luxe: Gooning Virgin Simps Pay To Jerk – VIRGIN HUMILIATION

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Lexi Luxe!

I hope you’ve realized by now that if you’re still a virgin, nothing is going to change for you. There is no hope for boys like you. If you were meant to lose your virginity, you would have by now. And you fucking know it, don’t you simp? And we both know that the only thing you’re good at is gooning your loser cock to bratty bitches like me. And you better be good at that considering it’s the only way you’ve ever had sex lol. Gooning is the only sex you’ll ever have. You’re never going to get laid.

Your sex life is comprised of buying clips and gooning your loser life away. You just stroke your savings away, don’t you? I mean that’s what all virgin losers do. You don’t need money for dates, so you use that cash to jerk off. But I’ll bet you spend more on clips than most men do on dates lol. And just listening to my voice and my words while you stare at my hot body is making you weak and stupid, isn’t it? It’s not hard to make a virgin loser like you horny and stupid. You’re so desperate for any kind of attention from a girl that you’ll pay for it. And you buy these POV clips because you feel like we’re actually talking to you. It’s sad and pathetic.

And I know all of your triggers, I know just what to say to get you to blow all of your virgin cash on me. And you love that about me, don’t you? You love that I use all your weaknesses against you, that’s why you keep coming back and buying more and more of my clips. You want me to turn you into a virgin simp that just jerks and jerks until your brain leaks out and your wallet is empty. Just seeing me in this bikini was a trigger for you, virgins like you are really easy to trigger. I put on a hot shiny bikini, and you click and pay and jerk lol.

I love it when you’re horny and stupid for me. Which is pretty much all the time since you don’t get any pussy. Me and my clips are your sex life. So go on loser, jerk it, I want you to. I want you horny and stupid for me. And aren’t you so lucky I let you jerk to me in this bikini? Well you’re not really lucky, you paid for it lol. You’re so fucking easy to manipulate. Jerk that virgin cock for me loser. You know you’d never get to fuck me, but if you pay, you can have the privilege of jerking to me. And you love hearing me tell you that you’d never get to fuck me, don’t you? It fucking turns you on knowing that you could never fuck my perfect body. I am unattainable perfection.

The only way you can please me is by pumping your cock and spending your cash. And you know you’re lucky to even be able to do that for a girl like me. Keep jerking, I want you in a goon like state, horny and stupid. Jerk and stare at the perfect outline of my pussy. Jerk to it and know that it’s not for you. Virgin losers don’t get pussy. You just get to sit at home alone and wank your money away like an idiot. And even that turns you on, doesn’t it? You love knowing that you’re only a pay pig to me because that’s all you deserve. You’ve become so addicted to this mental and financial åbuse that it’s become normal to you. You don’t even realize how fucked you are.

You’re a desperate horny little virgin for me, aren’t you? You can’t help yourself. You’re so obsessed with me and my bratty attitude. It’s better than pussy. Me on your screen in this bikini with your hand glued to your cock is better than any pussy to you. This is what you need, not pussy.

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