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Humiliation POV Lucid Lavender: Telepathic Enchantress Enslaves You With Subliminal Mesmerizing Techniques  (Release date: Mar. 07, 2021) – POWERFUL WOMAN
Humiliation POV Lucid Lavender: Telepathic Enchantress Enslaves You With Subliminal Mesmerizing Techniques  (Release date: Mar. 07, 2021) – POWERFUL WOMAN

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Lucid Lavender! You’ve heard about her, about the secret power she possesses. The hipnøtic power. The way she can get into your head. So you go over for a visit. She invites you up to her room. And even before she puts you under, you’re already beginning to hear her voice in your head. You can hear her sending you subliminal messages almost telepathically. And when she snaps her fingers, you are lost, gone. It’s all over for you now. You’ve never experienced anything quite like this. She will mesmerize you into her jerk slave. This clip is brilliant psychological mindfuckery filled with subliminal triggers!

Come on up to my room. It’s a good place for us to talk. I’m just a girl, with a house, who likes to give, what’s so intriguing about that? (You’re feeling a tingling in your pleasure center, it’s getting stronger the more you look at me. I control all men. I have a knack for that sort of thing.) I could tell you a bit more about what I do. (Do you think I’m going to let you stroke?) You could call it hipnøtizm. (Are you having trouble not touching yourself right now? You’re finding yourself getting more and more stimulated as time goes by.) I learned from a very young age that I have this power and ever since then I’ve been using it to my advantage. (You feel an uncontrollable urge to touch yourself, the more you look at me.)

How do you feel right now? Maybe a little strange? (Serving me would give you the ultimate pleasure.) It’s fine, that happens sometimes, just relax. I’m going to take off my dress, why don’t you take off your pants. (You’re finding it hard to focus, reach down and start touching.) Why don’t you show me what that thing in your pants can do? What you just realized your pants are down? That’s ok. Just take a deep breath for me. When you hear me snap, you’ll sink into yourself a little bit. Let it happen. Don’t fight it. (Snap.) (Serving me will be the ultimate pleasure.)

Sink into your chair and keep breathing. (Do you think I’m going to let you stroke?) Feel that tingle in your chest whenever you look at me. I know you want to touch yourself. Grab that cock and stroke. See you’re not feeling that uncomfortable, are you? It feels good to stroke. And to stroke is to serve, and to serve is to feel pleasure. When you stroke you feel that tingling, when you serve it gets stronger. And that’s all you’re going to want to do. (Imagine your subservience as a room, the most comfortable room, all rooms are that room, all rooms have walls, and those are my walls that lock you in. Being a slave for me would be the ultimate privilege. Serving me would give you the ultimate pleasure.)

Stroke and serve and ask me what’s next. Good boy. To stroke is to serve. Deeper. Really let your mind go. There is a word, when I say this word, when I text you this word, when you hear me say the word, ‘Lavender’, you will need to get on your knees and you will need to stroke for me. When you hear that word you will feel that tingling sensation that you feel when you look in my eyes. When you hear that word you remember your servitude and you will find yourself on your knees stroking for me. ‘Lavender’ is your trigger now. When you hear that word ‘Lavender’, it starts this little clock, and it’s ticking and you won’t be able to fight it. The more it ticks the stronger you will feel it. You will need to go to your room and stroke or you will feel incomplete.

“lavender’ is your signal to serve, and you want to serve, you realize it’s your purpose in life. (Snap.) You have your word but there’s one more thing that seals your place and you want that, don’t you? (Snap.) Go to your room boy. You can stroke, but as soon as you cum, it seals you as my little slave. It makes you mine forever. It triggers something in your brain so that you think about serving me. (Be enslaved for me.) And you realize that if you don’t hear that word, ‘Lavender’, you’re kinda missing it. You’re missing that control. And as soon as you cum you’ll never have to lose that control again. I’ll always be there, in your mind, with a little chain around your cock. Mentally holding you. And all you have to do is cum.

That tingling is only getting stronger, as you get closer and closer. The more you stroke, the closer you sink, the farther you sink in. It’s inevitable that you will cum, it’s inevitable that you will serve me forever. You get closer and closer. You keep thinking about the word, ‘Lavender’. Your eyes are fixed on mine. That tingling just takes you over. Inevitable, when you cum you seal your fate. Just another boy who’s subservient to me. Now wake. Here, let me show you out. I’ll be texting you soon.

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