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Humiliation POV Miss Tiffany!: High Heel Home Wrecking B-mail – Louboutin Lobotomy – BLACKMAIL FANTASY
Humiliation POV Miss Tiffany!: High Heel Home Wrecking B-mail – Louboutin Lobotomy – BLACKMAIL FANTASY

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Miss Tiffany!

(If you want to play this little b-mail game with me, and I know you do, then send me some heels with the receipt. I know you want to. This doesn’t just have to be a fantasy.)

Aren’t my heels just so fucking sexy? They are just absolutely perfect. I’ll bet you love the way they shine. I’ll bet you get so weak for me in heels. They make my long sexy legs even hotter. And you love the way they highlight my perfect ass. I see you staring, watching me try on heels, watching me pose in them. All just to make you more and more weak for me. And I think you enjoy it, in fact, I know you enjoy being weak for my heels. I mean just look at them, how could you not get weak for them?

High heels truly are a girl’s best friend. They make us look so hot and they make you so weak and stupid. They’re orgasmic. I know that you’ve over there right now drooling and stroking to my perfect heels, my perfect feet and my perfect legs. You can’t resist. But do you know what I really love? That even though you’re married, you went and you bought me some new heels last week so you could watch me in them in a video knowing you bought them. Knowing you got to see me in the exact heels you wanted to see. You’re such a bad boy.

But do you know what you did? You forgot to hide your information when you sent them to me and I got the receipt. LOL! You did! That was a mistake. You see with your money and my taste, well watch out lol. Just look at how sexy these are on me. But there’s one person out there who wouldn’t understand our little bond. I don’t think that your wife would understand. $1,200 heels that came out of your bank account, just to keep my feet happy. I’ll bet she’d be so pissed if someone brought that up to her. Oh you don’t want me to tell her? Well I could see why you wouldn’t. I bet she would be so angry. You wouldn’t even be able to explain it away, would you?

But she doesn’t have to find out. You see when you bought these for me I was sooo happy. But I wore them out and I got the bottoms all scuffed up and dirty. So I need a new pair. And the way I go out and party, it looks like you’re going to have to buy me a new pair every single week. I’m not kidding lol. If you don’t want to, I could just see what your wife has to say about it. And I have your name and information thanks to this little receipt that came with the heels lol.

So take out your credit card. Right now. I think we’re going to stick with the Louboutin’s. I absolutely love them. Now go ahead and purchase me another pair or your wife will just have to find out. She’ll find out how weak I make you. Now buy it, buy it before I fucking tell her. You see it’s going to be in your best interest to keep me happy. I know my heels are very expensive but I’ll bet a divorce is even more expensive lol! So I think you’ll need to keep spoiling my feet. I don’t want to call it b-mail but well, let’s just say that if I don’t get a new pair of heels every single week, then bye bye to your marriage lol.

Now that I have your information, I could just send her a quick little email with me wearing the heels you bought me and the receipt with your name on it in my hand LOL! Or maybe even a phone call? Or you could just obey me and we could enjoy our heel fetish together. We could have so much fun together. And I know the idea of being b-mailed to buy me heels has your cock rock hard in your hand. Keeping a secret like this from your wife is such a rush, it makes you so horny. You’re my own personal heel shopper from now on. We’re going to have so much fun. And you can feel free to stroke to all the sexy new heels that you and your wife are buying me. I’m so nice to you.

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