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Humiliation POV Princess Miki: You Should Never Have Let Me In Through Your Computer Screen – You Fell Right Into My Trap (Release date: Feb. 14, 2021)
Humiliation POV Princess Miki: You Should Never Have Let Me In Through Your Computer Screen – You Fell Right Into My Trap (Release date: Feb. 14, 2021)

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Princess Miki!

If you were smart, if you valued your freedom and your sanity, you would have never let me in through your computer screen. Because you truly did let me in. You thought it was just porn. You thought it was just some hot, immersive fap material. But didn’t you notice me gradually coaxing you into addiction? Inescapable addiction, because once tasted the pleasure of jerking to femdom porn, you could never go back. You’re a fool for allowing yourself to jerk to this because you didn’t recognize that this was all just a trap, a plan, designed to keep your here forever, to keep you in front of your screen, the portal to your mind. And now all you can think about ever since you started watching me, is how addicted you are. Ever since you started watching femdom, you’re not the same.

You’re not the same because femdom really does rewire your brain, it really does fuck you up in ways that other porn just can’t. It feels personal, doesn’t it? Every clip feels like it was tailored to you because it talks about your situation, directly. And nothing will ever feel better than that. And now that you are a porn addicted pornosexual, a chronic hand humper, you’ll never crave sex again. This is the life you got once you let me in through your computer screen. But it feels so good and part of you is so glad that you let me in, because doing so allowed me into your mind. And now all you hear all day is my voice in your head. And all you think about is the next time you can jerk and worship hot brats like me.

And the reality of it all is that your mind is forever altered and all it took was clicking and watching my porn. But it wasn’t just porn, it was bait, it’s propaganda designed to fuck you up and fuck you over. It’s designed to make sure that you’ll never ever crave a real woman’s body. No, you’d much rather jerk and jerk and jerk yourself to oblivion night after night. This is what you crave over and over again and that craving will never go away. You’ll never be able to satiate your hunger for femdom porn and that is the truth.

Now I want you to keep jerking as we discuss the state of your life. Before you found femdom you were a pathetic self hating loser. And now that makes you horny. Being pathetic is now connected to your sexuality. And now you don’t feel so sad and lonely, all you have to do is turn on your computer and jerk and absorb and sexualize all these truths that I throw in your face. And it feels so good to jerk. So much better than being a sexless lonely loser. Because right now you aren’t jerking to my body imagining yourself fucking it because that would be silly. That’s what you used to do when you first got into porn probably. But that’s boring and that’s ridiculous. But this is real and that’s why it feels so fucking good. But now the damage is irreversible. Now you’re hooked, now you’re addicted and you’ll never be able to find anything to replace this pleasure, the pleasure of giving in to femdom.

That is the reality and there is no escape from it. This is who you’ve become, this is who you are now and who you’ll be forever. That’s what I did to you. That’s what porn did to you and there’s no way out so you might as well accept it. You took the bait, you let me in through your computer screen when you were horny and now you’re completely fucked. There’s nothing you can do to fix this. The only way to fix it is to stop seeing it as a problem. Just deepen your addiction, deepen your desire to goon all night, deepen your desire for more mindfuckery and more reprogramming. You wanna get more and more fucked up. All you wanna go is go deeper down this hole because now it’s the only thing you have to look forward to. Take pleasure in your addiction, take pleasure in the trap that you’ve fallen into.

You’re going to be a chronic masturbator addicted to femdom for the rest of your life. This is where you’re doing to be every single night until the day you dye. This is what you deserve. You’re going to be a horny pathetic little hand humper for life because you let me in and I’m going to direct all your thoughts towards masturbation and being a pornosexual gooner. You’re going to keep hearing my voice in your head, reminding you that all you need is porn.

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