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Korina Kova: The Scientist Final Chapter -Wedding Night

This is the 5th instalment into the “Scientist” series, its been a busy year of planning the wedding and the day has finally come, as I am preparing getting ready to walk the aisle I am feeling nervous and wondering if I’ve made the right choice, I have so many cum fantasies and I am not sure 1 man can fulfill it, just as I am pacing back and forth my phone pings and its a video of my husband to be spiking the punch with cum pills for all the guests, and in that moment all doubts left me and I started to get horny and wondered if I would have enough time for one quick cum, I’m interrupted by a knock at the door “its time” the next scene gives you a good long slow burn into me at the alter and the ceremony begins, but just as we day I do my husband to be busts open his pants and has a huge boner, as I look over at the crowd I see all the men rubbing their eager hard cocks and the women squirming in their seats, “its working” the guests start to cover me in stream after stream of cum until I loose my balance and fall to the floor being painted in more and more cum, I turn to my new husband and tell him to wait till tonight for his turn. Now we are in our hotel for our honeymoon and you see a trail of clothes leading to me singing in the shower and washing off all the cum, I see you and hop out, I have a wedding gift for you, its my new strongest cum pill yet, as soon as we each take one it hits enlarging your cock 8 times the size and you hit the floor, when you awake I am titty fucking your massive cock from the floor and practically cumming from pleasure, I start to ride you and immediately squirt all over, I tell you that your cock is stretching me too much and get my vibrator so I can keep humming while you spray me like a firehose with all your cum, its non stop as you squirt my entire body over and over while I cum and squirt, now I am in the bathtub that you filled with cum while you drain more and more cum until I am so covered I can barley talk, I am definitely pregnant now

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