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MadamViolet: RussianRoulette – eye contact

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You are always in danger when you’re around me and this is a dangerous game your’e playing, dangerous because it’s not a game. You should know this by now, and I know you just LOVE to hear it as you stroke, you need to FEEL My grip on your pussy-mind and cock as I mesmerise you down into little horny obedient bitch mode.

Layered voice tracks, sexy powerful trance, RED triggering your nervous system in just the way I like it. You are always on the very brink, you just don’t know it because you lie to yourself. Always one orgasm away from falling into the abyss, passing the event horizon. Caught up in My web, a trap that has reach far beyond your wanking time. I am fucking with your literal brain. This is real. This is Russian Roulette.

You know I am a powerful Woman with real skill. I’ve been mesmerising you for years. With just one SNAP I could trigger you into places you NEVER dreamed you would go. The accumulative effects will one day reach saturation point, who knows when. And yet you keep playing this game…

Because you’re already under it’s spell, MY thrall. Once you’ve started this game you don’t get to stop playing until it’s over, there’s only one winner and it’s never you.

So let’s play on, bitch.

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