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Princess Miki: Just Send – brat girls

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The title says it all: just send. Just send Me your money, because you’re already curious about financial domination. Somehow, the idea of Me getting richer and richer is something that makes that cock of yours twitch. Even thinking about how much you’ve spent on My clips — which played a small part in the accumulation of My wealth — makes you hard. But that’s not enough. You love hearing about My money, the evidence of My ever-growing power, but you’ve yet to send just for the sake of sending. This lingerie, and the expensive trench coat I slide out of, were gifts from a very special slave of Mine. As you stroke, you will probably feel inclined to live vicariously through My slave… imagining the pleasure that must have been felt when purchasing such luxurious items that would eventually adorn My body. But why fantasize when you could make it your reality? You could be that good boy who sends toward My beautiful life. You could send to thank Me for all the pleasure you’ve received because of Me. You want to be a good boy who sends, and you’re going to send as you watch this clip. You want to finally be a real part of My life, and you’re not going to expect a thing in return. That’s true submission. That’s true surrender. That’s what a true good boy does.

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