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Reya Reign – Mommy Teaches You – mommy talk

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Solo with mom roleplay, using a fake cock she gives joi, shows cleavage and tits, she spits on the toy, strokes it.

“Your teachers have told me your getting picked on at school for getting too many boners, and I’ve noticed you’ve been getting them more often at home as well. Don’t worry, mommy will teach you what to do! Your father and I think it’s best if I show you how to take care of those pesky boners myself. Mommy got her own dildo out to demonstrate, now you take your cock out for mommy. I can see you’re getting hard staring at my chest. That’s okay! Mommy will show you her boobs. Now grab your boner with your hand, and do exactly what mommy says. Follow what mommy does to her dildo. Spit on your cock and stroke faster, mmm yes just like that. It’s going to start to feel really good, your toes are going to curl, and your muscles will tighten. Keep going! Do just as mommy says and you’re going to shoot cum out of your cock and take care of that boner, are you ready?”


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