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SorceressBebe: Caught Sniffing My Sneakers – masturbation encouragement

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I am working on some improvements in your house and you return from some errands to find me sneaking a sniff of your gym socks and a few pair of your shoes while you were away. You decide to humiliate and degrade me as punishment, informing me that I will complete the remainder of work to be done without compensation and in exchange you will allow me the honor of worshipping your feet, shoes and socks as well as tending to your needs as your new domestic servant, instructing me to enjoy my last orgasm before you order my cock locked in chastity. You decide you’ll tell a few of your best girl friends and you all talk about the fun ways you will use me and torture me, including having them over to see my newly chaste cock and showing them how I obediently and pathetically will lick dirt from your shoes or lick toe jam from your feet all while thanking you for it. Please feel free to incorporate any other categories you see fit such as spitting, blackmail, etc. Thank you Goddess.

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