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Tara Tainton: I Want to See You Throbbing in Your Chastity Cage to Prove that You Want Me – Naked

Poor cuck hubby… all locked up and looking at me so pathetically. You always want what you just can’t have. You know why you’re locked up in your chastity cage burning against your raw skin and prevented from even enjoying an erection. You’re not worthy of me. Yet, you just want a chance to prove you are. Poor thing. All right… I have a few things in mind for you… Prove to me that you want me, REALLY want me, and I may just free you. I’ll unlock you with these keys I wear around my neck if you throb for me enough in your little device as I your balls and cock and tease you relentlessly…

Uploader description: The video starts with the viewer already locked in chastity. The viewer is Tara’s cuck hubby. Tara is naked wearing the cage keys on a necklace. She then begins to prepare for a date with a stud. She puts on lingerie and lipstick. Tara says that if you can get hard enough she will let you out of chastity.

She proceeds to humiliate the viewer while tickling your balls with a feather. She then ties your ballsack tightly with a piece of rubber. Finally she begins whipping your cage and balls. She says you aren’t hard enough and refuses to let you out of chastity.

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