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Valentine Body Swap: Ludella Hahn Fetish – Breast Play

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“I guess I DID get lucky last night…heh…” POV wakes up in a very girly room. “Wait…why do I sound like a girl…? And..GASP! Why are these giant tits attached to me? What…what’s going on?” POV looks down and feels between his legs. “Where’s my dick? Oooo…I don’t have one. Why do I have a vagina? What’s happening? Is this real?” POV sees a mirror on a nearby table and takes a look at his/her face to discover that he is INSIDE a girl’s body. A very voluptuous girl, in fact, who he may or may not have hooked up with for Valentine’s Day. . GASP! “I’m a GIRL! A girl with juicy fucking tits…oh wow…these are really BOUNCY…MMmmmm….Okay, pull yourself together! I need to find my body! Where’s my MAN body?”

(For the remainder of the video, we watch from an outside perspective rather than his POV.)

(S)he looks around the room, trying to put it together. “What happened last night? Is this the chick I tried to hook up with? I don’t even remember going out. Last thing I remember is getting loaded at home… I must have blacked out. What am I going to do?” The problem is that he keeps getting distracted by the giant jugs and voluptuous curves on the body he is currently possessing…and by playing with this new female body…he gets incredibly turned on…which just continues to distract him from thinking logically about how to find out what happened or where his body is. (S)he pulls down the dress to see how delicious the tits look naked and ends up getting super turned on bouncing and squeezing them.

“Oh yeah…I need to find my real body so I can fuck this body proper. Mmmm….Yeah…make these giant tits bounce up and down. Oh YEAH!” (S)he thrusts up and down, then starts slapping her giant juicy tits around. “That’s right! Take that! Mmmm…wait…what am I doing…I need to find MY body…and then I can play with this one. BUT…I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to at least check out this ass first…” (S)he starts to twerk and jiggle her ass on all fours, then lifts up the dress and pulls down the pantyhose to slap it and squeeze it. “Okay…focus… Why am I even pulling these pantyhose back on? Oh…they feel really nice and silky. I like that. It feels so smooth on these curvaceous legs…Mmmm…”

Finally back to fully dressed, he decides he’s properly dressed to go out in public, and then realizes that he’s probably going to get hit on. “She must get hit on all the fucking time with these huge fucking tits and curves…” He’s not so sure he wants that experience from the female perspective. But then he starts to hear another voice in his head–a FEMALE voice. And she is able to make him say and do things outside his control. It becomes clear that he’s going to be getting the full female experience as a horny bimbo…over…and over…and over… He’ll be feeling EVERYTHING and having no control over his new female body when the bimbo takes over. “Line up, boys! Have your way with me!”

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