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Club Stiletto:  Let’s See How High He Can Kick
Club Stiletto:  Let’s See How High He Can Kick

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Dressed in latex Mistress Irene is sitting on her slaves face and making him fight for air. “It’s a real pleasure / pain thing under my ass” she says as she runs her hands over her massive big beautiful booty. She tells you to kiss her ass cheeks while the other slave kicks beneath her. She tells you to cover the fabric with your spit and then she will crush it into her slaves face. She tells the slave to take a deep breath and then sits down full weight on him. “Let’s see if we can really make him kick” she says and soon enough he is frantically bucking and flailing around to get a breath.

She lets him breath but then starts bouncing on his head making her ass cheeks really bounce up and down. Her ass is really punishing his face. Now she moves into a reverse position and again sits full weight. “Give me a call and it could be you under me” she tells you. Now she really settles in on his face and says “Let’s see how high he can kick.” She just doesn’t get up even as he trashes, his feet reaching for the sky. Then back on him for some more, this time telling him she needs at least a minute from him. Within 45 seconds he is getting frantic to breath, Irene appears totally oblivious to his needs.


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