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Mixed Wrestling USA – Asian Bitch Kim Beats Up Al – breast smother

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Kim is what someone would think of when they tried to picture a true Asian she devil. She is experienced in the art of mixed wrestling and loves to punish a man and the one thing that you do not want to do is make this women mad as she is truly capable of beating you up and working you over in the ring or in a bar and Alex is going to find this out first hand in this mixed encounter with the asian Kim. The match started out normal enough , Kim was out wrestling Alex and making him suffer but it was in a normal kind of mixed wrestling way. Then Alex did something to really piss Kim off and I am not talking about in a make believe way I mean he really pissed her off and what happened next is brutal. Kim unleashes all she knows about how to make a man suffer , all she learned about beating up a man and all the fury that a women scorned can unlock from their being onto Alex’s trapped body as he struggles fruitlessly against her rage and aggression in our ring. Kim uses her tan thighs to crush Alex in her scissors. She wrenches Alex’s arms behind his back in some very painful arm bars and beats his trapped body with her closed until he has red welts rising on his quivering and beaten chest and stomach. If you love a mean Asian women or watching a very mad women kick a inferior mans ass or you are a fan of Kim’s then get this video. You can view the free previews here and you will be seeing Kim at her wicked best. This match will please you for a long time and it will get better and better ever time you watch it so do something for yourself and add this match to your collection. It is in our New Mpeg 4 File Format and is viewable with all media players so you are getting a great picture and sound as you enjoy the action. Believe me if you love mixed wrestling smothering scissors or a sexy women that loves to dominate then you must add this title to your collection so get it and enjoy the incredible sexy Kim right now. This is Part 01

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