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Club Stiletto Mistress T: The Heavenly Taste of Her Ass – TEASE & DENIAL
Club Stiletto Mistress T: The Heavenly Taste of Her Ass – TEASE & DENIAL

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Mistress T has her slave laying on the bed while she hovers above him. She tells him he has a pretty face but she knows what will make it look better, her ass. With that she sits on his face in a forward position and her perfect plump ass buries his head almost completely. He does look a lot better! “Gently lick my ass” she tells him, saying she only wants feather weight pressure on her asshole. “A nice light wet tongue, a woman likes to be teased a bit” she tells him. She then tells him to stick his tongue back in his mouth and she now sits full weight on his face. “A nice big juicy ass, all my weight, crushing your face” she tells him. “Look how your cock dances” she adds. The slave is very aroused despite getting no air and his cock bounces up and down. When T leans forward to finally let him breath she waves her ass in his face and the slave keeps his tongue out hoping she will bring it back to his mouth. She makes him beg for it. A treasure like that shouldn’t come easily after all. She jiggles it in his face and then sits back up and bounces on his head. She extends her legs across his body so he gets every ounce of her weight.

“I like seeing you suffer” she tells him as she turns around into reverse position and now giving you a nice view of her sweet pussy. She tells him to hold his tongue in place and she uses it like a wash cloth to stimulate her pussy. “You are nothing but a sex toy” she tells him. “You’re nothing to me, just objectified and used” she continues. Ordering him to put his tongue back in his mouth she again sits full weight on him. “I know you’ll go without air just for a taste of that ass” she tells him as she gently bounces up and down to insure he gets no air. Now she is ready for a nice rimming so she gets on all fours and tells him to get behind her and be still with his tongue out and not moving. She will move her ass to make sure she is stimulated exactly as she wants to be. This is not about his pleasure, he is only an object used to satisfy her, if he can’t do that he is easily replaced. Her fat ass looks amazing as she rubs her hole over his tongue. “You’re a lucky little bitch, aren’t you?” she asks him. She gets up and brings her face up to his, rubs her fingers over his chest and then tells him it’s time for him to go back into chastity. She tells him to open his mouth and she spits into it and then laughs in his face.

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