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Sado-Ladies Mistress Cloe: The Naked Bootlicker
Sado-Ladies Mistress Cloe: The Naked Bootlicker

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next phantastic clip with strict and cruel lady mistress cloe. with her sharp voice she orders her house slave to crawl over to her, of course naked and of course on all fours. “my boots are dirty, i was outside, so you know what to do.”

the slave knows, but as usual he is pretty stupid when licking the boots of his owner. will he ever learn? it seems not. so he needs more strict orders where to lick and where to suck. he is also ordered to lighten up a cigarette to his owner and is also misused as her personal human ashtray. but he can try as hard as he can to follow the orders of the mistress, he always fails. and we are pretty sure that he earns his reward for this behaviour later by a good punishment. classic boot domination and human ashtray clip!

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