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The Mean Girls – UGG-ly Foot Slave – goddess asia

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Goddess Asia has just come back by the Manor following a loooong day of shopping. While She was gone, She left the Mean Girl Manor “live-in house slaves” literally withering out in the hot sun on the blistering hot pavement waiting for Her return. (Goddess Asia has been staying as a house guest at Mean Girl Manor for the past few days and has been LOVING the various amenities and benefits, especially the fun of having as many slaves as She wants so there’s always another waiting if She breaks or ruins any one of the things..)

When Goddess Asia sits down (in the SHADE, of course) to consider what She wants to do next to the pathetic things that have been left kneeling on the hot pavement all day, She adds to their torment by reminding them that she has been wearing an Old Worn Pair of Nylons inside Her Hot, Sweaty, and Utterly Unbearably pair of UGGS All Day as She walked around shopping in the Las Vegas Heat!!!

The slaves are all squirming on the pavement now, and it’s not just because of the sun beating down on their worthless bodies.. It’s because they all might have the chance to fulfill the pathetic desires that stupid losers have to lick a Goddess’ feet and towel in some hope they might actually be of some use to Her..

She sits down and after laughing at how sad and worthless each of them are, She makes them BEG to worship her ever so perfect feet. Whoever She picks will not only get to taste and smell Her perfect size 7 feet, but they will finally get relief from the blistering hot sun that has been beating down on them for hours!

She picks Her favorite piggie.. the one that handed over his credit card to Her for Her shopping trip earlier that day! If only he knew how much this little treat cost him.. Well, he will find out when the credit card bill comes at the end of the month! LOL

But as any slave knows, licking the filth off the soles of Goddess Asia’s Uggs, sniffing Her warm nylons, and tasting the salty sweat from Her perfect bare feet is PRICELESS. And that is absolutely the best thing any loser residing at the Manor could hope for in its life..

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