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Domination For Your Own Good – Katherine Worthington – Your Wife Takes You to The Woodshed For Not Social Distancing – corporal punishment

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here’s been a global pandemic going on so I’ve sent you, my dear husband to the grocery store to pick up toilet paper & supplies before the stores run out again. I get a phone call from a friend that instead of doing what I asked you to do, you were spotted at the one & only bar that was still open in the neighborhood before their temporary shutdown.

You thought you were going to fool me as to your whereabouts since you came home empty handed, but sadly mistaken. With belt in hand, I give you a good scolding at the door then remind you what I say goes no matter what and you’ve earned yourself a trip to the woodshed.

I allow you no modesty and without concern of your privates being fully displayed in front of the neighbors, strip your pants off right on the front porch. You know you screwed up, got caught and now going to have to pay the price. You know what’s coming and that this is required as you knew what my expectation was. In order to keep me happy, you realize you’ll have to atone & accept a spanking with multiple implements.

I take my you over my knee and start warming you up by spanking your bare bottom with my hand, smacking each cheek with a slow steady pace as I scold you in between.

I keep you across my lap then spank you with one of my slip on shoes, then stand you up and methodically whip your ass with a belt as I continue to scold you, followed by the stingy cutting board from our kitchen and the wooden shoe shine brush that I know you hate. Like turning up the heat on a stove, I want it to sting and hurt more and more as we go along; so I follow up with a wooden paddle.
I want the final implement with the acrylic naughty stick to leave the most lasting impression of all and for it to be the hardest until you cry. I know you hate this, but you take it anyway – which further humbles you and reminds you who is in charge.

Afterwards, I admire the marks of your complete surrender to me and leave you to finish your chores with a very sore bottom for the duration of our quarantine together.

Shot in a POV format so you not only feel you are part of the action, but SEE the bottom getting soundly spanked!

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