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ElitePain: Cards of Pain RLD – Ariel
ElitePain: Cards of Pain RLD – Ariel

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We created a spinoff series of our original Cards of Pain game with updated rules. After her failure in Cards of Pain 6, Ariel now takes a second chance to win the increased prize of 20.000 USD. In this RELOADED version of the game – unlike in the normal version • the player may not eliminate a card at the beginning. Rather if she is not happy with the card she drew for a round, she may draw a new one in return for 10 extra strokes. This option may be used only once in a round. This time Amanda is teamed up with Tatjana to punish her. The rest of the rules are unchanged: Player must distribute 100 strokes between 5 body parts. Each round is modified by a lucky card drawn by the player. Will Ariel be able to win this record prize?


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