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Goddess Draya and Miss Dandy – Goddess Drayas Very First Caning – CORPORAL PUNISHMENT

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o this is totally one of the most fun things to do at the Manor. And I completely forgot to transfer this video back in December or so when We shot it. Oops Me. Not like you loser’s care when exactly the beat the hell out of Our slaves, but fwiw this was the very first time Goddess Draya was at the Manor and the first time She got to cane a slave. So I totally walked Her through the process and showed Her how to bend these worthless little things to Her will.

Watch closely.. HAHAHAHA…

First I start by whacking the thing across it’s back a few times and then give Her a few cracks. She starts a little easy and then I let Her know that these things are just worthless little bitches and show Her how to really nail it. She tries again and the reaction is even more impressive. The stupid little bitch howls out in pain and then immediately remembers to thank Us.

Then since it is so fucking loud, I make sure to tell it to knock off the noise so We can really take out Our frustrations.. She and I both beat it awhile and it’s head still moves and the mouth opens but the retarded little thing is like a muted TV… HILARIOUS!!!!!

Then GP makes a few comments about things from behind the camera and suggests that Goddess Draya and I have a competition to see which of Us can make it yell out first. So We tell it to be completely silent, and then take turns trying to make it yell out. Draya starts and whacks it hard across the legs and ass.. I crack it hard across the shoulders.. It jumped but remained silent.. Draya lays into it again, as do I.. And then another round and another.. How many times can you beat a slave without it making a sound… If a slave yells in the forest and no one hears it, is it a noisy slave at all… LOL..

We go multiple rounds, switching places, nailing it on the back, legs, ass and elsewhere… and the thing flops and squirms but still remains silent.. The only thing you hear is the swish of air as the canes break the air and the slap as they land on its skin…

And time and time again it goes… until it finally makes some noise… and then We unload on it in rapid fire succession as it keeps noising it up…

Oh well slave.. how about We finish with both of Us nailing you at the same time.. So we did… and the pathetic thing still thanks Us for the effort… enough so that Draya even stops back for a last minute conversation with the thing..

Anyway loser, think you could handle it? Doubtful but feel free to come to the Manor and try..

XoXo Mistress Dandy oXoX

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