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Astrodomina: Fuck Me Daddy – masked slave

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You’ve been trying to get your wife Sydney to become a little more kinky. She’s just so damn vanilla. You’ve convinced her to be a Domme for a little play session. You got her a nice black outfit, leather gloves, body jewelry, and boots and for yourself, you picked out a hood and a collar with a leash. A little hesitant at first, Sydney tells you to get on all fours and crawl towards the couch. Maybe she’ll get into the role play after all? She tells you to get on top of the couch and keep your eyes away from her. What does she have in mind? By the time you’re allowed to turn around, you notice she’s wearing a giant big black dildo. Before you can do or say anything beyond “that’s ridiculous” she makes you put the dildo in your mouth. You’re a little worried about what’s about to come. You can only imagine where she’ll want to put it next. Sure enough, it’s going into your ass. It’s not quite what you signed up for but Sydney is getting so much into it, it’s hard not to get excited too. After a while, you try to make her stop by using your safe word but she is so into the fucking that she just won’t stop. You are seeing a whole new side to your wife’s sex life. Hopefully, this will be a recurring activity in your relationship from now on.

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